Core Connect™ is a complete vendor order management and tracking tool, enabling lenders to quickly and accurately place, track and receive third-party services required during the origination process. Using standardized ordering forms, LOS integrations and notification sharing, Core Connect eliminates manual processes, miscommunications and the need to train employees on multiple vendor systems – all of which can all lead to unnecessary delays and errors in the ordering process.

Core Features

Fully Customizable

Settings that allow clients to determine the best possible workflow for each user in their organization

Notification Sharing

Keep everyone up-to-date with status changes and important update using our loan file sharing engine

Standardized Ordering

An ordering interface that is intuitive and standardized allows clients to train users one time regardless of the vendors they are using

Reporting & Tracking

Check on order status for one user, a group of branches or for an organization as a whole using one simple reporting tool

2-Way LOS Connectivity

Extract and Update data & documents in a connected third party LOS system through lender specific data mapping

Integrated Vendors

An ever growing list of fully connected vendor services allowing users to order, update and communicate on orders in one environment