Insight Risk & Defect Management™ (Insight RDM) was created with one purpose in mind – give lenders, of all sizes, the capability to manage audit, manage defects and minimize repurchase risk effectively, efficiently and confidently through superior loan quality control.
This cloud-based mortgage QC audit platform offers numerous tools, configurations and settings to assist in making the audit process easier, more intuitive, and more efficient, enabling lenders to effectively manage and report on loan quality.

Core Features

Reporting & Visualizations

Create powerful reports in minutes using Insight RDM's advanced export capabilities, prebuild reports and fully integrated third party BI solutions. You can also take complete control and build custom reports specific to your business using our industry leading BI solution Tableau

Modern Audit Capabilities

Customizable rule based questionnaires with versioning capabilities, custom user & department work flows, multiple concurrent auditors per file, auditor "Multi-View", and much more allow auditing and defect remediation to be completed the way your business requires

Fully Configurable

Manage your version of Insight RDM and your audit process using advanced features such as sampling, pipeline management, workflow management per project type, custom fields, custom workflows per project type, versioned questionnaires with configurable rules and much more

Complete Sampling Tools

Create statistical, random and/or discretionary samples to meet all of your business and regulatory needs and requirements. Apply filters to any data point to fine tune your samples and store all of those settings and filters for future use

Corrective Action Planning

Generate action plans directly linked to audit defect findings within Insight RDM to track the efficacy of remediation efforts. Assign tasks, communicate with responsible parties, monitor received responses and much more

Custom Project Workflows

Design custom audit workflows that align with your organization’s QC processes. Built at the project level, Insight RDM’s customized workflow capabilities allow your teams to operate individually while using a single solution to aggregate QC findings and track results across your entire organization

Import / Export Templating

Quickly push and pull data in and out of Insight RDM without manually manipulating excel files using our dynamic import/export engine. You can very simply normalize your data for better reporting and import to custom fields created to meet your business needs

Integrated Reverifications

Auditors and compliance departments can now easily order, track and manage third party re-verification services all in one system. Credit Reports, Appraisal Reports, Tax Verification Reports and more are all available from multiple vendors to meet your re-verification needs

Internal Messaging System

Maintain a single source of record with Insight RDM’s internal messaging system with features that include complete contact management, messaging templates, response notifications, group messaging and much more

Data Subscriptions

Receive fully compliant, ready-to-use audit questionnaires directly into Insight RDM via a subscription to one of our provider partners. Also use our subscription model to provide loan data to your third-party audit vendor and/or to receive defect findings once an audit is complete

2-Way LOS Connectivity

Save massive amounts of time preparing and completing audits using our highly customizable bi-directional integrations with third party LOS partners. Import data into Insight RDM in bulk for an entire project or per file in real time for an existing project

Lender Client Portal

Provide clients or teams with direct access to their defects as well as a way to review, communicate and respond with additional information and documents. They will also have the ability to manage their own set of users, managed lists and more based on their specific needs